Golden Eagle Award Presented to an Elementary Special Education Staff Member

Tracy Livingston Receives Golden Eagle Award
Shawnee Mission School District

Tracy Livingston, Speech Language Pathologist at the Shawnee Mission Early Childhood Education Center, was the first elementary-level recipient of a new honor given to show appreciation for special education team members.

Lisa Bergeson, Speech Language Pathologist, nominated Livingston for the elementary Golden Eagle Award.

Livingston is the first person that many Pre-kindergarten families interact with as she serves on the Early Childhood Special Education evaluation team Bergeson wrote in her nomination.

“She does such a tremendous job as the first face of the school district,” Bergeson said.

“Livingston is not only incredibly knowledgeable in the area of speech and language developmental norms for 3- to 6-year-olds, but she is also incredibly compassionate. She makes decisions in the children’s best interests and will advocate for them often while thinking outside the box.”

Livingston also demonstrates strength in the way she builds relationships with families whose students are undergoing screenings or initial evaluations.

“She represents the district when she observes students in their daycare centers or researches a student’s placements and is a wonderful ambassador for the district while doing these tasks,” Bergeson said.  

Special Education department leaders launched this new recognition program for elementary and secondary staff members in our schools. The Golden Eagle Award will be given to a special education staff member for their above-and-beyond contributions. Brandi Newry, a school psychologist at Trailridge and Indian Woods Middle School, was the first secondary recipient of the award.