Hocker Grove Celebrates Science Technology Engineering Art Math (STEAM)

Mural at Hocker Grove
Shawnee Mission School District

Science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) were at the center of a recent event at Hocker Grove. STEAM Night was held, in part, to highlight the achievements of students and place their inventions, science projects, and artistic ability in the spotlight.

Families and community members were also invited to explore a variety of activities including: balloon towers, robotics, remote control cars, capillary color mixing, tangrams, and food estimation. Shawnee Mission East Environmental Studies Program students visited the event and shared animals in the library.

Some of the exhibits gave attendees the opportunity to mix science with artistic technique. One activity, capillary color mixing, allowed students to color on coffee filters with markers and spray water on the filters and see the designs that were created. Some made their artwork into flowers, using a chenille stem.

More than 100 students, staff, and family members also joined in painting a  community-based mural, titled “Leave Your Mark.”

“’’Leave Your Mark,’” is about a student’s legacy at Hocker Grove,” Alyssa Passmore, art teacher and event organizer, said.  “It acknowledges the ways they have changed this school, this staff, this community, and what ways will they change this world forever.”

Siblings as young as 4- years-old and 70-year-old grandparents joined students in painting the mural. Local artists Brew Lamb and Dee Thurn collaborated with students to create a design. Parents, students, and staff responded to a schoolwide survey inviting descriptions positive traits about the Hocker Grove student population and to descriptions of eagles, the school mascot. Their survey responses contributed to the background design of the mural.

The design has the Hocker Grove name tilted towards the sky to symbolize that Hocker Grove students are achieving and reaching for the stars in their future.

“Leave your mark not just on this mural but in every interaction, every assignment, in every way you can for the two years you spend in these halls,” Passmore said to students.

Flower Art
Balloon Art