Hocker Grove Students Demonstrate Dedication Throughout Distance Learning

Hocker Grove Students Demonstrate Dedication Throughout Distance Learning
Shawnee Mission School District

Hocker Grove Staff Honor Above-and-Beyond Work

To honor students who went above-and-beyond in their schoolwork this spring, Hocker Grove educators safely delivered signs to their students acknowledging their efforts. Each sign read “A hardworking Hocker Grove student lives here.”

When families received the good news, some cried. Some students dressed up for pictures with the signs. Some families made sure everyone in the household was present when the signs were dropped off, Molly Long, eighth-grade math teacher and Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) Coach shared.

Recognitions were presented for a variety of student accomplishments, including everything from participation in online classes to active engagement with teachers.

“One of the biggest surprises was how emotional and proud the staff members were who delivered the signs,” Long noted. “After the first few deliveries staff members started sharing stories about the joy it brought and how it raised their sprits. Teachers contacted other staff members to join them on deliveries.”

The deliveries were a bright moment for students, families, and also for staff members, Long added.

“Celebrating our amazing students and their families brought so much happiness to our staff,” she expressed. “It is an experience I will never forget.”

 Kimberly Gilman and Lisa Mauer: Student Council Contributions

Away from their school building, Student Council members at Hocker Grove found numerous ways to instill school spirit and support one another during Continuous Learning.

“They had to think outside the box about how to continue to engage our community,” sponsor Kimberly Gilman shared. “They were dedicated to continuing to collaborate and brainstorm ideas and solutions to the problem of not being able to meet in person. It gave them a creative way to use their energy and leadership skills for positivity.”

These are some examples of the many activities and initiatives the Eagles on Student Council completed this spring:

  • Students helped create a video greeting card to share with residents at a local health and rehabilitation facility to let them know they are not forgotten.
  • Student Council sponsors and officers collaborated with Shawnee Mission North, and converted their elections to a digital platform. Gilman said they had more students interested and running for office than ever before. Campaigns also were held digitally.
  • Student Council members hosted a virtual spirit week with theme days and dress up dates via social media. They also encouraged teachers to join the fun by contributing their own TikTok Dances.
  • Students worked on a welcome video to be presented to seventh-graders to introduce them to a new school. Eight-grade student council members also led in production efforts to say thank you and farewell to staff on the last days of school.

“These students were particularly dedicated to keeping StuCo going,” Gilman shared. “They showed up and demonstrated to us that when students are given a voice and agency, they will use it to create positive change in their schools, communities, and the world.”