Indian Hills Students Welcomes Senior Residents to PE Class

Students from Indian Hills and residents from Brighton Gardens play a balloon and tennis game
Shawnee Mission School District

They may be decades apart in age, but PE classes at Indian Hills middle school are bringing students and residents from Brighton Gardens of Prairie Village together.

Recently, students and their teacher, Kathy Kreamer physical education teacher from Indian Hills, have invited the residents to join them in for physical education classes. Click here to see a video.

The Indian Hills Knights and special guests spend time dancing, walking, and playing PE games together at each visit.

The lessons are giving participants from both age groups a chance to see that there are a lot of healthy exercises anyone can do at any age, Kathy Kreamer, physical education teacher said.

“Your age doesn’t necessarily mean that it is limiting to you to exercise,” she said.

Maggie Leonard, an Indian Hills student, said she was especially inspired by a 95-year-old participant who decided to join the class.

“I hope I can grow up and be as fit as she is,” Leonard said.