Indian Hills Teachers, Students Collaborate to Better Understand One Another

Indian Hills Collaboration
Shawnee Mission School District

This spring, teachers and students at Indian Hills took some extra time to help each other understand the school experience through each other’s eyes. Click here to see a video.

A series of opportunities were provided for students and staff to switch places or observe from a different point of view.

A goal of the opportunities was to foster a more collaborative culture and further impact student learning, Kristin Ridgway, instructional coach said.

“We did this all for the purpose of understanding our students and serving them better at Indian Hills,” she noted.

Some of the activities included teachers welcoming students to observe their work during plan time or during teacher discussions. Another allowed for teachers to follow a student schedule to get a better idea of what the student experience is like throughout the day.

Charlie Muehlberger, eighth-grader, said the activities were a great way for teachers to get to know other teachers and students better.  

“They get to see what it is like to be in other classes and be in another kid’s shoes,” Muehlberger added.