Kindness Club Members Welcome Students Every Morning at Hocker Grove

Shawnee Mission School District

On any morning students arriving at Hocker Grove are welcomed with an open door and a greeting by members of the school’s Kindness Club.  Each day, students are greeted with “hola,” “good morning,” or “buenos dias,” and a smile.

Opening doors in the morning started spontaneously. Lizbeth Bahena saw a student walking in behind her. She held the door open for her and wished her good morning. The positive response of a smile and a thank you encouraged Bahena to stay at the door to continue greeting other students. Her Kindness Club friends the act of kindness at the door and joined her.

Now it’s a daily routine. Click here to see a video.

“It’s important to start the day happy and positive and if a greeting helps lift someone’s spirits, then it’s worth it,” Bahena said.

Corrine Blackman, office assistant, has served as a role model for the students, because of how she greets visitors with a smile and hello when they visit the school office. Blackman believes a pleasant greeting is the best way to start your day.

“Kindness really is contagious, and I am thrilled our students are making a difference,” Blackman said.


The Kindness Club meets every Wednesday after school and works to find different ways to spread kindness at Hocker Grove. The members leave notes on lockers and write thank you cards to teachers along with greeting students every day.