March 6 Strategic Planning Update

March 6 Strategic Planning Update
Shawnee Mission School District

Steering Committee Progress

The Strategic Planning Steering Committee  recently met for two and a half days to determine a draft mission statement, beliefs, strategies, objectives, and parameters for the district strategic planning process. 

During their time together, the committee developed a draft document which can be viewed by clicking here. This draft document will be used as a guide as the strategic planning process continues, but it will remain unofficial until it is brought to the Board of Education for approval in June of 2019.

Click here to see a video of the committee at work.

Superintendent Dr. Mike Fulton opened the Steering Committee workshop by encouraging the committee to have the courage to create the future of the district.

“If you want to get better, you have to decide you want to get better,” Fulton said. “The way you get better is one child at a time and by saying, ‘Here is the aspirational North Star. That is where we are going to go with every child and we work together to design the solution.’”  The North Star represents what we all are aspiring to develop -- a school system which meets the needs of all students and supports their individual success.

The Steering Committee was appointed by Dr. Mike Fulton, and is made up of a diverse cross-section of Shawnee Mission stakeholders including parents, community members, students, and staff. The committee members worked in multiple small groups and as an entire group. A primary goal during the workshop was for everyone to contribute and have the opportunity listen to many perspectives as the draft Strategic Planning document was being created.

“I am so excited for the future of this district and for our students,” Linda Sieck, NEA-Shawnee Mission President and Steering Committee member said.  “I believe we have laid the foundation for transformational, systemic change that will ensure our students will be prepared for whatever they choose to do beyond high school.”

The committee will reconvene this spring to continue their work and hear the progress of the Strategic Planning Action teams, which are in the process of being formed.

“I think we really have some good ideas to build a great future for the SMSD and I’m excited for what the future holds in the district,” Harmony Bailey, Shawnee Mission Northwest freshman and Steering Committee member said.

Action Teams

Now that the Steering Committee has completed this work, the next step for Strategic Planning will be the development of Action Teams. These teams will work to create action plans for the strategies developed by the Steering Committee.

Community input is essential to the entire Strategic Planning process and we invite you to consider applying to join an Action Team. If you are interested, please use this link to apply. Applications are due by 5 p.m. on Wednesday, March 6.

 “We anticipated a great deal of interest in participation and regret that everyone who signed up will not be able to participate on a team, Dr. Michelle Hubbard, associate superintendent of leadership and learning, said. “Each school’s site council will be participating in strategic planning for their school and that may be another opportunity for interested parents.”

Action teams will begin their work in March and continue through May. Their team recommendations will be presented to the Steering Committee. Final recommendations will be presented to the Board of Education in early June.



The Strategic Planning steering committee.
A Steering Committee member shares thoughts
Steering committee members discuss items for the strategic planning framework.
Steering Committee members sit in small groups during the workshop.