Merriam Park Students Create Art at Home

MP Art Challenge
LauraADM Harsch

Erin Scott, art teacher at Merriam Park Elementary, encouraged her students to participate in the #ArtAtHomeChallenge. The challenge is to only use objects you have at home and recreate a famous work of art. This allows students to talk and think about art and art history concepts included in the art priority standards.

Scott modeled the challenge by creating “Self Portrait with Bandaged Ear” by Vincent Van Gogh. Mason, a kindergartner recreated artwork inspired by Piet Mondrian. Josie, a third grader recreated “Julie Manet with Cat” by Pierre-Auguste Renior.

This specific challenge also provided a student who may not have many art supplies at home a way to interact and create art.

“During continuous learning we needed to think of alternative ways for student to show their artistic skills,’ Scott noted.

Another Merriam Park student sent many pictures of each project created.  He even made his very own "quiet panda,” the art class mascot.  Some of his pictures include quiet panda watching him work.

“My advice for artists over the summer is to keep on making art,” said Scott. “The best way to improve your art skills is to create and be creative every day!”