Nieman Students Complete Collaborative Art Project

Nieman Students Complete Collaborative Art Project
Shawnee Mission School District

Lately, every student at Nieman Elementary has taken part in building a work of art for their school.

Inspired by the school’s theme for the year, “Under Construction,” students in every grade level collaborated to build a whole-school art project. The artwork is designed to look like a Nieman-themed town.

“We wanted it to show how special our Nieman community is and how everyone has an important part in it,” Megan Ellis, art teacher said. “It is a great opportunity to create an amazing work of art together.”

Students in younger grades used their artistic abilities to make houses. Students in fourth and fifth grade made businesses. Sixth-graders took on a leadership role, first mapping out the town, and then created roads, parking lots, cars, and other accents for the work of art. Then, they joined fourth-graders and fifth-graders in the assembly of the artwork.

Ellis also invited any staff member who wanted to participate to contribute to the artwork by adding a small detail if they chose, adding even further to the collaborative effort.

(Photos courtesy of Megan Ellis, art teacher)