Rosehill Elementary Celebrates Staff Member Attaining United States Citizenship

Rosehill Custodian Celebration
Shawnee Mission School District

Peter Louangborisoune, Rosehill custodian, was surprised by students and staff with a clap-out parade, celebrating his recently attained U.S. citizenship.  Watch a video here.

Peter was led down the hall by members of the Shawnee Mission South marching band, as the students clapped and congratulated him with cards and posters. The clap-out concluded with the band playing “The Star Spangled Banner.”

Reacting to the outpour of excitement for his accomplishment, Peter said that he loves his community, loves his job, and he enjoys taking care of all everyone at Rosehill. 

Jeremiah Asante, sixth-grader, said that he feels so happy for ‘Mr. Peter’, to be a United States citizen. “He sets a good example for us because he helps so much and stays positive all the time.” 

Dr. Dustin Springer, Rosehill administrative intern, shared that Mr. Peter’s story provides a shining example for students, showing how to work toward goals and accomplish something that is important to you.