Rushton Students Try Out New Interests at After-School Clubs

Rushton Students Try Out New Interests at After-School Clubs
Shawnee Mission School District

One of the most popular activities at Rushton Elementary School this year has taken place after the final bell rings.

This year, Rushton students were invited to participate in a new series of after-school clubs.

Staff members at Rushton worked with community volunteers to offer the clubs because they wanted to provide opportunities for students to try new experiences and develop relationships in the community, Cathy Lorino, social worker said.

The school has offered clubs that feature basketball, cooking, crochet, table-top games, music, and gardening. Regularly, more than two-thirds of students from second grade through fifth grade participate.

The clubs have had a positive impact on the culture and sense of community at Rushton, Lorino said. “We have students that wave and say hello to each other from different grades saying ‘I know that student from clubs!’” Lorino noted.

Parents have also spoken to the Rushton staff about the positive impact of the clubs. One parent said her child was trying new foods and helping out more in the kitchen as a result of his participation in the cooking club.

Caring for Kids community partners from Christ Church played an essential role in hosting the after-school clubs providing time, talent, supplies, and resources, Lorino said.