School Communities Across Shawnee Mission Honor Veterans

School Communities Across Shawnee Mission Honor Veterans
Shawnee Mission School District

Across the district, students and staff at multiple Shawnee Mission schools took time to thank those who have served in the military and commemorate Veterans Day.

In many classrooms, teachers and students learned more about the day and its meaning through lessons and art projects. Students and staff in several schools hosted assemblies, many of which included veterans who attended as honored guests and were recognized in a variety of ways.

The following is a glimpse at some of the tributes that took place:

At Christa McAuliffe Elementary, students shared musical performances and heard a presentation by Col. Robert Teetsel, who encouraged the students to share a meal with veterans and talk to them about their experience.

At Highlands Elementary, Lieutenant Colonel Lyle Farquhar, veteran and retired teacher, shared some of his artwork and talked to students about how they can provide support to those who have served. As part of their celebration, Corinth students lined the halls and waved flags honoring veterans who had served.

John Diemer students also welcomed veterans to school. During an assembly, visiting veterans shared a few details about their service experience and students thanked them with songs. A group of John Diemer students also presented an art project they had created as part of the school commemoration. Briarwood students held a ceremony that included featured speaker Kent Peach, veteran and retired principal. 

East Antioch students presented songs, heard from John Super, who served in the United States Marine Corps, and saw a presentation from the Shawnee Mission North NJROTC, who gave presentations at multiple schools this Veterans Day.  

While at Ray Marsh, Dennis Grayless, retired Marine and NJROTC instructor talked to students about the reason behind and importance of the Veteran’s Day holiday.

“Veterans Day is to recognize the members of the Armed Services who serve and defend our country,” Grayless said. “These important individuals took an oath to support and defend the United States against all enemies foreign or domestic.”

The Ray Marsh choir sang and each student who had a relative in or retired from the service introduced them. The event also prompted important discussion about supporting not only individuals who have served, but their family members, too.

“It’s important to teach our students to support their classmates, families and community members who have family members who have served our country,” Kasey Weishaar, principal, said.

Students hold hands over their heart at McAuliffe