Shawnee Mission Prepares to Welcome Students to New School Year

Shawnee Mission Prepares to Welcome Students to New School Year
Shawnee Mission School District

The countdown to the first day of school is underway and Shawnee Mission team members are getting ready.

They have been preparing facilities, strengthening lesson plans, readying kitchens, and doing countless other tasks to ensure students are welcomed into a warm, caring environment.

New Shawnee Mission School District teachers reported to their first day of work on August 1.

For three days, they attended a New Teacher Academy. This three-day event included a tour of the district, time to work with mentors, professional development and orientation, and opportunities to meet and get to know new colleagues.

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Much of the academy was designed to focus on implementing the district’s Strategic Plan and making sure new teachers have a strong foundational knowledge of the district’s three objectives, Lachelle Sigg, director of human resources said.

“The new Strategic Plan is at the heart of everything we’re doing,” Sigg noted. “The objectives are focused on ensuring every student will have a personalized learning plan that supports them being college/career ready and having the interpersonal skills important to life success.”

Continuing teachers have returned this week and are participating in a variety of team-building and professional development activities as they prepare for the new year. On Thursday, teachers attended an Instructional Fair, designed to provide opportunities for educators to strengthen skills and learn new strategies to apply during the school year.  

The first days of school in Shawnee Mission start on August 12, for students in grades 1-6, 7 and 9. Click here to see the district calendar