Shawnee Mission Students Receive the Seal of Biliteracy

SMSD Students Receive the Seal of Biliteracy
Shawnee Mission School District

The state of Kansas has recognized 90 students from the Shawnee Mission School District with the Seal of Biliteracy. This award to recognizes students who have studied and attained proficiency in two or more languages by high school graduation. This accomplishment recognizes student readiness for career and college, and their engagement as a global citizens.

Students may have gained proficiency through any number of traditional or nontraditional methods, as a heritage language learner or as a new language learner. Students must demonstrate the state-determined level of proficiency in English, as well as one or more additional languages, learned in school or other settings.

“In an increasingly interconnected world, global communication skills are ever-more valuable,” Douglas Murphy, world languages department head, SM Northwest said. “The ability to earn this recognition inspires our students to study languages at the highest levels offered at our schools, and it is an especially compelling way to endorse our heritage language students’ abilities.”   

Gold seals are awarded to individuals who can start and maintain a conversation and who can exchange information about special interest subjects. The person can understand basic information in advertisements, announcements, and simple recordings. Finally, the student is able to make a presentation about a personal or social experience or about something they have learned or researched.

Platinum seals are awarded to students who can actively participate in conversation on a wide variety of topics. Students are able to conduct or participate in an interview. Students can understand the main idea and supporting details in a speech or story. Finally, they are able to deliver short, organized presentations on academic, social, or cultural topics. Click here to see a list of the Shawnee Mission School District honorees.