Signature Program Engineering Students Present Projects

Signature Program Engineering Students Present Projects
Shawnee Mission School District

Students in Advanced Concepts in CAD showcased their design projects in a trade show format at the conclusion of the fall semester. Click here to see video. This culminating activity featured student projects in design software which they have become proficient and received certification. 

Some of the projects included a functioning prosthetic finger designed in Fusion 360, a renovation of a house in REVIT and standard vise for everyday use in Inventor.

The students pitched their designs to industry professionals, administrators, and parents. The students used digital media and drawings to present the details of their projects to investors and judges.

The judges evaluated each project using set criteria for scoring and awarded play money to finance the projects they saw as the best investments.  The leading projects will be eligible for nomination for the Innovator Awards at the KC STEM Alliance Engineering Design and Development Showcase in April.

Greg Thiel, Engineering Instructor, shared that his hope with the presentation process to professionals, builds student confidence in their abilities to present, answer questions, and communicate.