Students Dedicate Time in Summer To ELLevate Skills

Students work with a teacher in the ELLevate program
Shawnee Mission School District

A group Shawnee Mission students and educators worked together to ELLevate student skills in preparation for this school year.

The ELLevate program was offered this summer to a group of students who are English Language Learners to help them get ready for school. Click here to take a look at ELLevate.

The program gave students in Kindergarten through sixth-grade an opportunity to practice language, reading, writing, and math skills with the help of Shawnee Mission educators. This year, ELLevate educators also helped connect the students with hands-on learning opportunities in the community, including a trip to the Broadmoor Bistro Urban Farm.

“It’s such a rewarding experience to work with these students, see their potential, and they teach something new every day,” Kathleen Rush, ELLevate teacher said.

The Shawnee Mission Education provided support for the ELLevate program. To find out more about the Shawnee Mission Education Foundation, click here.

Students in the ELLevate program work on a project with a teacher.
A student studies in the ELLevate program
Students work with a teacher in the ELLevate program
A student in the ELLevate program