Students, Staff, Families Join Celebrations of Books

A parent reads to a student.
Shawnee Mission School District

This spring, students across the district took part in some page-turning activities to share their enjoyment for reading.

With parades, artwork, guest readers, and by spending time reading, they took part in a nationwide event called Read Across America. At Brookridge Elementary, students and staff hosted a book parade. Click here to see a video.

Students created their own costumes for the parade, inspired by some of their favorite stories and traveled throughout Brookridge to share what they have been reading. Older students visited classrooms of younger students to perform and read stories to younger students.

“That way students could see that not only do kindergartners love books, but so do sixth-graders,” Abby Kepka, Brookridge librarian said. “It’s all about delving into books and loving reading.”

Students from Shawnee Mission South High School also visited the school to serve as readers and celebrate books.

At Comanche Elementary School, students and staff invited family members and special guests to enjoy a green eggs and ham breakfast. After eating their colorful meals, parents and special guest spent time reading books with students to start the day. Guest readers also visited classrooms throughout the school to read books with students.

At Nieman Elementary School, the school library was filled with activities related to Dr. Seuss books. They put together puzzles, played games, drew characters, and also had a selection of stuffed animals to choose for reading time. In other classrooms, students spent time reading and worked with a classroom partner sharing what they had read about. 

The National Education Association’s (NEA’s) Read Across America is a reading motivation and awareness program that takes place in March.

A parent reads to a student.
A student reads to a parent.
A parent and student read together.
A parent and student read together.
A parent and student read together.
Students read to each other.
Students work on an art project.
Students read a book.
Brookridge Book Parade walkers.
Older students share a story with younger students.