Sunflower Kindergartners Explore Potential Careers

Student works on a construction project.
Shawnee Mission School District

Kindergarten students at Sunflower Elementary are looking toward the future.

They recently took part in a classroom Career Week and Career Day to learn more about possible careers. Click here to see a video.

During Career Week, the students welcomed guest speakers who talked to students about their careers. After Career Week, kindergarten students participated in a version of Career Day. They wore clothing that represented a career they would like to have some day. They also shared presentations about what they had learned about their career of choice.

As part of their presentations, students were asked to explain what they want to be when they grow up. They also were asked to share information about the work environment, tools and resources, and responsibilities of those careers.

The kindergarten students also worked with sixth-graders who listened to them and filmed the presentations to give the students additional practice.

The events prompted discussion in class about the education students are going to need to achieve their career of interest, Rebecca Thompson, kindergarten teacher said. The activities also tied in with social studies curriculum that focuses on how communities function and what roles are found within a community.   

Student works on a construction project.
Police officer talks at Career Week.
Artist talks at Career Week
Firefighter at Career Week