Westridge Celebrates Diversity on Engagement Night

Westridge Celebrates Diversity on Engagement Night
Shawnee Mission School District

A community event at Westridge Middle School recently showcased student projects, performances, and discussions in order to highlight the strength of diversity at the school.

Students and their family members gathered for a Family Engagement Night focused on diversity. The event provided an opportunity to help build the school’s community and prompt conversation about the diversity that exists within the school, Jake Bauer, instructional coach noted. Click here to see a video.

“We need to celebrate our diversity and learn from each other so we can understand each other better and be better citizens all around,” Bauer said.

The event featured a choir performance, Latin Dance Club performance, Hip Hop Dance Club Performance, and a talk hosted by the school’s  gay-straight alliance.

“We talked about the LGBTQ community and how people in our school need a safe place to talk,” Emma Owens, eighth-grader said. “I think it’s awesome people got to do that and the fact we got to do a presentation in front of a whole bunch of people and educate people means a lot.”

Many students also shared projects they had created in class for the event. There were works of art that were part of a Black History Month art competition, posters about the importance of learning a new language, projects from students describing where they are from, and more.

Abdullah Abdulnabi, seventh-grader, shared a poster about his experience moving to the United States from Syria and the challenges he has overcome.

“When someone reads my poster I want them to understand how difficult it is to come to America and learn a second language,” he said. “I still miss my friends, but here is much better.”

After seeing the work on display, Shakera Scott, parent, said she appreciated the work students presented that evening.

“I think including different cultures and diversity of who you are and what you can perform and different art forms is great because it lets the students showcase their different talents,” Scott added.