Westwood View Music Teacher Shares Chiefs Drumline Excitement With Students

Rumble Drumline at WWV
Shawnee Mission School District

Matthew Mirsch is a celebrity among students at Westwood View. In addition to teaching music, he also performs as a member of the Kansas City Chiefs Rumble Drumline.

The teacher hosted a pep rally at the elementary school on Friday before the Super Bowl, giving students an opportunity to see their teacher work as a performing musician.

The rally also gave students a chance to compete by grade with a unique cheer. Mirsch and his drumline colleagues awarded the spirit stick to the fourth-grade class.

“I really love teaching music,” Mirsch shared. “It is incredible to help and watch students’ progress and grow as musicians.”

“The students love his energy and enthusiasm,” Kathy Keith, principal noted. “Mirsch has incorporated drumming into his lessons.”

When he’s on the field at a Chiefs game, it’s a highlight for Mirsch to see his students. Mirsch began his teaching career three years ago at Westwood View. “It really makes it feel like a community, almost like a high school football game, when I see my students in the stands,” Mirsch said.

Westwood View Elementary was one of nine places Mirsch and the drumline visited on Red Friday.