Incoming Kindergarten Students Get a Jump Start to Learning

A Jump Start Student Smiles at the Camera
Shawnee Mission School District

As the first day of school approaches, a group of Kindergarten students are spending time in the classroom getting ready.

More than 350 Shawnee Mission students are participating this summer in Jump Start to Learning. Click here to see a video.

During Jump Start to Learning, students practice literacy, numeracy, and the skills of being a student before the first day of school. This summer, the program is being offered to students in 20 buildings across the district.

“Come August they will walk in the door and will be the leaders of the classrooms,” Sue Dennis, Jump Start teacher said.  “They will already have some friends, they’ll be excited to come in, they will know their teachers and will be ready to learn.”

Jump Start has also welcomed parents into the classroom this summer, inviting them to join in hands-on activities and experience the joy of learning with their students.

Since the start of the Jump Start program in 2014, with 46 students in two buildings,  support has been provided to the program through  The Shawnee Mission Education Foundation, the Early Education Funders Collaborative at the Great Kansas City Community Foundation, and Title I Funding.

A Teacher Reads to Jump Start Students
A Jump Start Student Reads a Book
Jump Start Students Practice Writing
A Teacher Works with a Jump Start Student in the Classroom
A Student Writes in a Jump Start Classroom
A Jump Start Student Starts to Color
A Jump Start Student Smiles at the Camera
A Teacher Works with Students in a Jump Start Classroom