Steering Committee

Steering Committee

The Shawnee Mission School District Strategic Planning Steering Committee is responsible for leading the strategic planning process in the district, and drafting a strategic plan for consideration and approval by the Shawnee Mission Board of Education in June of 2019.

The 30 stakeholders on this committee are representative of the Shawnee Mission School District community. They bring a broad and diverse background to their work, including experience inside and outside education, and reflect the district’s demographic profile. Together, these members will oversee the Strategic Plan work, which includes the development of district beliefs, a mission statement, strategies to achieve the mission, and action plans to put the strategies in place. The steering committee used the district profile to help guide their work. 

Click here to see the presentation from the Steering Committee workshop in February, 2019. 

Steering Committee Members

Dr. Mike Fulton

Board Members
Laura Guy
Heather Ousley

Staff Members
Samantha Feinberg – High School, East
Jonathan Ferrell – Elementary, West
Travis Gatewood – High School, South/District
Gloria Hastings – Elementary, North
Laura Moore – Elementary, East
Wraye Royle – Middle School, Northwest
Felicia Smith – Middle School, North

Jennifer Burns – South
Leah Mothersill – West
Laura Robeson – East
Arcie Rothrock – North
Katy Seibold – Northwest

Harmony Bailey – Northwest
Beau Barnes – South
Sarah Bledsoe – East
Brenda Garcia – West
Nkemjika (Glory) Obi – North

Community Members
Brian Brown
Andre Carnegie
Maria Ibarra
Angelique Rodriguez-Gunion
Wanda Vaughn 

School Administrator
Josie Herrera – Elementary School
David Conrady – Middle School
Ryan Flurry – High School

Suzy Hall – Shawnee Mission Education Foundation
Linda Sieck – NEA