2014 Strategic Plan

strategic plan for shawnee mission

The Shawnee Mission School District, like other districts across the state and nation, is focused on delivering great opportunities for every child while navigating great challenges. Legislative mandates, the rapid growth and impact of technology, and continued economic challenges affect our school district. Shawnee Mission is a strong, successful district in large part because it enjoys tremendous support from community members, parents, and staff. This support has never been more essential as we recommit and focus the district strategic plan to ensuring excellence across all aspects of the district’s organization.

We must continue a proud tradition and take advantage of advancements in technology and educational best practices to ensure we are creating innovative schools in which students, staff members, administrators, parents, community members, and policy leaders collectively focus their efforts and resources on ensuring achievement to successfully prepare students for college and careers of the future.

The Shawnee Mission Strategic Plan includes the following themes:

Theme 1: Academics
Ensure instructional programs are research-based and meet the needs of 21st Century Learners.

Theme 2: Facilities
Provide up-to-date facilities that support the needs of students, staff, and programs.

Theme 3: Community/Marketing 
Provide timely, accurate, and relevant information to all stakeholders and engage them as partners in education.

Theme 4: Student/Employee Well-Being
Creating a culture of wellness through opportunities that enhance overall health and quality of life.

Theme 5: Technology
Provide technology to enhance the student learning experience.

Theme 6: Resources
Maximize resources and maintain fiscal responsibility.

Theme 7:  Safety & Security
Develop proactive preparedness plans and establish relationships that support initiatives related to improved safety and security.