Strategic Plan Action Teams

The Steering Committee has identified five strategies as part of their work on the strategic plan.

An Action Team has been assigned to each strategy. Members include community volunteers, school and district level leadership team members, teachers, classified staff, site council members, students and parents.

Action Teams will meet in March through May to create action plans for each strategy. This process will include strategy analysis, information gathering and cost-benefit analysis. Plans will be presented to the Steering Committee in June.

Click here to view the superintendent's Action Team presentation.

Action Teams

Action Team 1

Team 1: We will reimagine teaching and learning to guarantee relevant opportunities for personalized learning experiences.

Team Co-Leaders: Jenny Collier and Kevin Hansford

Team Members
Kristoffer Barikmo
Kathryn Bigelow
Carla Broadnax
Dava Bunyarattaphantu
Lesa Childers
Sherry Dumolien
Jon Durham
Leena Fry
Scott Klein
Abby Morgan
Darren Dennis
Jeremy Higgins
Sara Holmes
Kristen Jones
Joys Lind
Theresa Love
Heather Mayfield
Liliana Mariaca
Kristin McClasky
Leigh Anne Neal
Ruby Reynolds
Barbara Schoell
Lisa Siegel
Heath Sigg
Darcy Swan
Jessica Tickle
Rita Toliver
Vanessa Watkins
Elisabeth Winston
Kristen Zuck

Action Team 2

Team 2 - We will relentlessly create a fully unified, equitable, and inclusive culture.

Team Co-Leaders: Todd Dain and Dustin Springer

Team Members
David Aramovich
Jen Beutel
Katie Black
Finn Crowell
Rebecca Dolphiede
Deb Dupree
Janine Estrada-Lopez
Shanna Groves
Lisa Jones
Jenny Kempfer
Katie Laird
Tim Leffert
Susan Leonard
John McKinney
Pedro Miller
Acia Morley
Michele Morse
Varshini Murugesh
Pam Palermo
Randy Lopez
David Muhammad
Brianna Presto
Britt Pumphrey
Linda Sanchez
Kendra Shamburg
Anthony Springfield
Ed Streich
Diana Sun

Action Team 3

Team 3 - We will create the climate to cultivate quality educators so they flourish in pursuit of our mission.

Team Co-Leaders: Erin Smith and Jessica Risinger

Team Members
Dhaval Bhavsar
Carrie Buchta
Camron Carnegie
Rebecca Colwell
Dean Davison
Liz Epstein
Aimee Hagedorn
Andrew Hargis
Kimpton Hopkins
Joy Jones
Chris Kase
Beth Kemper
Steve Loe
Grace Mendoza
Amber Pagan
Autumn Roberts
Kristin Ridgeway
Kathleen Rush
Amie Schick
Michael Schumacher
Cara Soukup
Meghan Stigge
Rylie Stone
Jenna Teddy
Brenda Vandenbos
Andy Walter

Action Team 4

Team 4 - We will design systems that support our mission and beliefs.

Team Co-Leaders: Pam Lewis and Joanne Roche

Team Members
Kim Barney
Drew Billingsley
Derrick Braxton
Roslyn Christopher
Jorge Coromac
Lauri DeNooy
Amy Drinnon
Mary Estrada
Lisa Gruman
Trish Guthrie
Olivia Henry
Megan Hergenrader
Carol Hess
Erica Jablonski
Joel Johnson
Ruby Kalirai
Drew Lane
Jamie Ledbetter
Whitney Livengood
Michelle Lord
Kathy Mason
Jeremy McDonnell
Pamela McGary
Kristine Mesh
Kelly Nelson
Chris Oliver
Micah Schools
Lachelle Sigg
Angela Smart
Monica van der Zee
Christy Ziegler

Action Team 5

Team 5 - We will strategically focus resources to support state-of-the-art facilities to accomplish our beliefs, mission, and objectives.

Team Co-Leaders: Kristie Darby and Joe Gilhaus

Team Members
Emory Apodoca
Brett Bendure
Gary Bressman
Elizabeth Ceniceros
Tyler Clubb
Paul Colwell
Audrey Diggs
Brent Fuson
Angelo Giacalone
Amy Hersch
Tasha Howard
Terrie Huntington
Russ Knapp
Jon Kirby
Dick Kramer
Joan Leavens
Annette Luikart
Linda Mau
Michael Orr
Nico Platko
Judd Remmers
Bob Robinson
Danielle Russell
Kim Schultz
Bill Shaffer
Scott Sherman
Kenny Southwick