Digital Learning Task Force

The Shawnee Mission Digital Learning Task Force was formed in winter, 2019. The purpose of the Task Force was to review and develop recommendations in order to advise the superintendent on steps needed to ensure every learner is able to utilize technology as a tool to support their learning. 

More than 350 submissions were received from volunteers interested in serving on the task force. Of those, 30 individuals were selected to represent the SMSD community. Task force members included parents, students, educators, community members, business and higher education professionals, along with individuals with expertise in child development.  

The task force met monthly through the spring of 2019. Task Force updates were shared with the community and are linked below along with the final report.

The Task Force report with recommendations serves to inform practice on the use of technology. Considerations for practice will be done within the context of the district Strategic Plan, which was approved by the SMSD Board of Education on Monday, June 24. The Strategic Plan is the district’s road map. As such, the Digital Learning Task Force report was provided to staff and community as they work on implementing various aspects of the Strategic Plan. This allows the recommendations, along with the accompanying research, to be used in the context of conversations around continuous improvement at building and district levels.

Task Force Final Report

Digital Learning Task Force Updates

February, 2019
March, 2019
April, 2019
May, 2019
June, 2019

Shawnee Mission Digital Learning Task Force Members

East Area

Erica Frans (Parent)
Rusty Powlas (Parent, Higher Education)
Jennie Reck (Educator)
Tara Mahoney (Administrator)
Student Representative

North Area
Gretchen Shanahan (Parent)
Kelly Ingram (Parent)
Carlos Molina (Parent, Industry)
Michelle Brown (Educator)
Jeremy Higgins (Administrator)
Student Representative 

Northwest Area
Craig Borgman (Parent)
Brett Cooper (Parent, Higher Education)
Laura Stoafer (Parent, Educator)
Kasey Weishaar (Administrator)
Student Representative 

South Area
Dr. Keith Coffman (Parent, Expert)
Luke Schnoebelen (Parent, Industry)
Dawn Donegan (Educator)
Nicholas Platko (Administrator)
Student Representative 

West Area
Wendy Johnston (Parent, Educator)
Bev Turner (Parent, Expert)
Elizabeth Ault (Parent, Educator)
Britt Pumphrey (Parent, Administrator)
Student Representative 

Barb Sullivan (Special Education SLP, Assistive Technology Specialist)
Krista Carson  (Parent, Educator, Elementary Instructional Coach)
Jake Bauer (Educator, middle school Instructional Coach)
Kate Miner (Parent, Educator, high school Instructional Coach)

Drew Lane, Executive Director of Information and Communication Technology (Parent)
Dr. Christy Ziegler, Assistant Superintendent of Personalized Learning/Interim Director of Special Education (Parent)