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General Information

The Shawnee Mission School District offers a limited number of virtual (online) courses, which are delivered outside the traditional school day (fee involved). Courses are led by certified instructors through the Edgenuity online platform. Specific information about the courses offered is listed on our Enrollment Information page. Successful completion of the eSchool courses meet graduation requirements. Courses offered through the eSchool program do not meet NCAA eligibility requirements and are not repeatable. The district will continue to research and develop other courses for future development. Fall, spring, and summer semesters are offered. Students and parents should consult with their high school counselor prior to enrollment. 

All students must be currently active in a SMSD high school to enroll in an eSchool course. Non-district students can no longer enroll in eSchool courses. 

Students will need to attend a mandatory orientation meeting to participate in eSchool courses. Meeting opportunities will occur near the start date of each semester. Students will also be required to take the final exam for the course in a supervised testing center located at a designated SMSD campus under the direct supervision of eSchool teachers and administration. Specific dates, times, and locations for these required activities can be found on the Enrollment Information and Orientation Information pages.


eSchool Office Location  
Center for Academic Achievement
8200 West 71st St.
Shawnee Mission, KS 66204
Phone (913) 993-9740 
Fax (913) 993-9435

Dr. Laura Brogdon
eSchool Principal 

Britton Haney
eSchool Administrator







eSchool Staff
Mark Lange
Teacher, American Government
Teacher, US History (Semesters 1 & 2)

Amy Shapley
Teacher, Art History

Sarah Finocchario
Teacher, ELA 3 (Semesters 1 & 2)
Teacher, ELA 4 (Semesters 1 & 2)  

Jennifer Hair
Teacher, Financial Literacy

Jen Fescoe
Teacher, Fitness for Life 1
Teacher, Fitness for Life 2

Alex Jones
Teacher, Health Education

Stephanie Gagnebin
Teacher, Psychology