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We are pleased to welcome kindergarten students and their families to schools across the Shawnee Mission School District.​ The Shawnee Mission School District offers full-day kindergarten at each of the district's 34 elementary schools. Recognizing children are eager to discover and explore the world around them, there are many positive learning and social behavioral benefits for children who attend full-day kindergarten programs.  

By Kansas statute, children must be age 5 on or before Aug. 31 to be eligible for Kindergarten enrollment. 


2024-2025 Pre-K and Kindergarten Enrollment Open

NEW skyward family access account (for families new to the district)

skyward family access (for families with students already in the district)

The Shawnee Mission School District's full-day kindergarten program:

  • Integrates new learning with past experiences through project-based activities.
  • Provides learning in a literacy-rich environment.
  • Emphasizes language development through appropriate pre-reading and literacy skills.
  • Provides mixed skill-level groups.
  • Emphasizes reading as well as listening to literature.
  • Engages students in hands-on, STEM-focused learning. 
  • Utilizes 1:1 technology to support relevant learning in the classroom.
  • Offers a balance of individual, small group, and whole group instructional experiences.
  • Assesses student progress through teacher observation, performance, and student work samples.
  • Provides sufficient time and practical application for individual progress on basic skills.
  • Extends and enriches students in various concepts and areas of interest​.

2024 Kindergarten Kick-Off 

Kindergarten Kick-Offs are evening events hosted at each elementary school.  This event gives families of incoming kindergarteners the opportunity to learn about Kindergarten in the Shawnee Mission School District.  Events are held at all elementary schools April 9-18. See below for your school's Kick-Off date.

Please follow specific direction from your home area school regarding the event.

What you need to know about Kindergarten Kick-Off:

  • Per the state of Kansas, children must be age 5 on or before August 31 to be eligible for kindergarten enrollment.
  • At Kindergarten Kick-Off information nights, parents and guardians will finalize the enrollment process if necessary, ask questions, meet the principal, and hear from teachers about what students will learn in kindergarten.
  • Children may participate in fun activities and should attend.

Take with you to Kindergarten Kick-Off:

  • Any required paperwork not already submitted to the school office (birth certificate, immunization records, physical examination, parent photo ID, proof of residency – mortgage statement/tax bill/lease agreement AND two current utility bills).

2024 SMSD Kindergarten Kick-Off Dates


All times are 6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.


Apache IS April 18, 2024
Belinder April 16, 2024
Benninghoven April 18, 2024
Bluejacket-Flint April 16, 2024
Briarwood April 10, 2924
Broken Arrow April 18, 2024
Brookridge April 9, 2024
Brookwood April 18, 2024
Comanche April 11, 2024
Corinth April 11, 2024
Crestview April 16, 2024
Diemer April 18, 2024
East Antioch April 16, 2024
Highlands April 11, 2024
Lenexa Hills April 11, 2024
Marsh April 11, 2024
McAuliffe April 17, 2024

Merriam Park April 18, 2024
Mill Creek April 18, 2024
Nieman April 9, 2024
Oak Park-Carpenter April 17, 2024
Overland Park April 11, 2024
Pawnee April 18, 2024
Prairie April 11, 2024
Rising Star April 18, 2024
Roesland April 18, 2024
Rosehill April 9, 2024
Rushton April 11, 2024
Santa Fe Trail April 11, 2024
Shawanoe April 18, 2024
Sunflower April 18, 2024
Tomahawk April 18, 2024
Trailwood April 11, 2024
Westwood View April 18, 2024