Q: Why did the district decide to require elementary parents to consider a change in their learning selection now, instead of waiting until the end of first semester?
First, we know this is confusing, and we apologize for that confusion. Our change was due to the need to get consistency for staffing in ways that support students in their learning throughout the year. Knowing the need to move into in-person instruction, and that JCDHE allows that in-person instruction in the red and yellow gating zones, we felt it important to make the change now versus waiting until a later date. This provides consistent instruction throughout the school year. 

Q: Will parents have the option to adjust their learning model again at semester as originally planned?
Before the end of the calendar year, parents of elementary students will have the opportunity to change their learning selection for the second semester of the school year. We will process these changes as space is available at individual schools. Our priority will be to keep existing relationships between teachers and students whole. After that, we will place students who have made a change into available spaces. We will make every attempt to accommodate parent preferences, but as happens in the spring with transfer requests, depending on the volume of requests, some students may not be placed in their home building. If that happens, parents will be responsible for student transport.

Q: When will students being assigned to a different teacher start in their new class?
October 5 is the date for new schedules to begin.

Q: Will sixth grade students follow the elementary or middle school plan for on-site/hybrid learning?
The sixth grade students will follow the elementary plan. 

Q: Will students move from on-site and back to hybrid if we are required to move to the remote only model for all students again?
We are transitioning from remote to hybrid and then full on-site learning pre-k-6. The plan is to remain in the full on-site learning model unless required by JCDHE to move all students into a hybrid or a remote setting. The plan is to provide parents with a 14 day notification if possible. Our guidance will come from JCDHE.

Q: What are tips to help parents plan for school when the impact of the virus cannot be predicted and thus schedules may change?

  • JCDHE states in their gating criteria that while the county is in green, yellow, or red, elementary students may be on-site when safety measures are followed.
  • The goal is to remain in a full on-site model with students attending daily, once the transition schedule from remote to full on-site has been implemented.
  •  The hybrid schedule will be utilized when necessary and parents can plan for the days their student would be in session on-site and remotely.
    • A-LamB schedule for on-site M-T and remote learning W-Th-F 
    • LamC-Z for on-site W-Th and remote learning M-T-F

Q: Will students that choose to continue in Remote (Option 2) change teachers?
The goal is to have minimal changes to staffing and teacher assignments. However, as stated in the letter to parents, it may be necessary that a student is assigned to a different teacher.

Q: Can students in Remote (Option 2) participate in school activities if/when they are scheduled (Example - sixth grade recognition)?
Yes, students are still connected to their school and will participate in events that are scheduled and follow safety protocols if and when that time comes.

Q: Can elementary schools begin after-school activities, clubs, and events?
Not at this time. The priority is transitioning to provide a safe and consistent learning environment for students. Activities, clubs, and events would cross group students and provide more opportunity for exposure.