Fall 2020-2021 Reopening FAQ

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) will be updated as information becomes available. If you do not yet find your question answered here, we encourage you to contact your child(ren)’s school or contact askthedistrict@smsd.org.  

Learning Models
Q: What are the Learning Models? 
In-Person Learning: This will be based on COVID-19 conditions in Johnson County, and our ability to ensure the safety of our students and staff. Students are assigned to their home school based on their address or approved transfer school. Students may receive instruction through an In-Person Learning, Hybrid Learning, or Remote Learning model
Remote Learning (Full-time Online for First Semester): Students will be assigned to a Remote Learning Shawnee Mission School District teacher and will remain in that class for the semester. Enrollment at the home school will remain intact. Students will not attend class in person anytime throughout the semester. 

You can watch videos about the Learning Models here: 
In English: https://youtu.be/tj-32_jsffg
En Español: https://youtu.be/VYbf4d3pbxY

Q: Why do families have to decide a Learning Model by August 5? 
We recognize the challenge of making this decision with limited information. Knowing how many students will be in each model allows us to plan staffing for In-Person Learning and Remote Learning. 

Q: How long will our student(s) be enrolled in the Learning Model we choose? 
Families are asked to select a Learning Model for their child(ren) for a semester. Families will be able to select a new Learning Model for the Spring semester sometime this fall. 

Q: How do new families/families with Kindergartners and Pre-Kindergarten students select their Learning Model? 
Individual school staff will work to get in touch with families new to the district to solidify their selection. 

Q: We are new to the district. How do we find out how where our student will attend? How do we select a learning model? 
Families new to the district are encouraged to enter their address into School Finder. School Finder will identify your child(ren)’s home school and provide contact information so you can begin the enrollment process. School staff will assist in determining the learning model selection. 

Q: How many minutes will students log for learning each day? In the Shawnee Mission School District, students will be required to log 390 minutes of daily learning activity. The 390 minutes are logged for the time students are engaged in school work. 

Q: Will 390 minutes of instruction time be required for students of all ages? (Even Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten?) 
We will log 360 minutes for Kindergarten students, and 165 minutes for Pre-Kindergarten.

Q: Why is Shawnee Mission requiring 390 minutes of daily learning activity? 
This is a requirement through the Kansas State Department of Education, in order to meet requirements for minutes of instruction.

Q: Do the choices of in-person or remote learning apply to Pre-K students as well? 

Q: Where would Shawnee Mission fall under the Gating Criteria at this time? 
If school were to start on August 5, Shawnee Mission would be in the yellow phase. It is important to understand that the mode in which In-Person Learning operates (all students in class, hybrid: students attending class on two assigned days during the week with the other days remote, or remote only) is subject to change during the semester based on health indicators. We will provide a minimum 14-day notice, and share that information broadly, when moving from one mode of instruction to another, except in situations requiring immediate action. Information regarding the gating criteria status for the first days of school will be shared prior to the first days of school. 

Q: What happens if no choice for learning is made by Aug 5th?
We have asked building administrators and secretaries to reach out to families who have not made a choice. We have to have all students assigned to one of the models in order to make staffing assignments, and if we do not receive a different choice, we will need to assume that the student will be attending in-person.

Instructions for making your selection in Skyward

Spanish Instructions for making your selection in Skyward

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