Market Value Assets

The four Market Value Assets (MVAs) include:

1. Work Experiences
Internships: Students complete meaningful workplace tasks that develop readiness for work, knowledge, and skills that support entry or advancement in a specific career field. The tasks can be assessed as meaningful if they are resume-worthy. Qualifying internships are 120 hours. 

Client-Connected Projects: Individuals or teams of students analyze and solve authentic problems in collaboration with professionals from industry, not-for-profit, civic, or community-based organizations. A coach or mentor provides feedback throughout the project cycle and participates in the final evaluation or presentation.

In this video, students at SM South help the City of Overland Park and the Parks and Recreation department by researching and presenting ideas to recruit and retain lifeguards. 

2. Industry-Recognized Credentials (IRCs)
Current lists published by state education departments are reviewed with employers and validated for applicability and relevance . There may be a small number of regional ‘custom’ credentials identified that also become part of this category. Some IRCs include:

Adobe Creative Cloud                                                        AHA BLS
Autodesk Certification                                                       Certified Protection Officer
CNA                                                                                        EMT
EVOC - Emergency Vehicle Operations Course.            Microsoft Office Specialist (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
OSHA-10.                                                                               Prostart Foundations of Restaurant Management|
ServSafe Food Handler & Manager 

3. Entrepreneurial Experiences
Students identify a compelling social or market problem and mobilize resources to research and solve it. Leveraging input and support from multiple stakeholders, students analyze, prototype, implement, reflect, and adapt potential solutions. 

4. Dual-College Credit
Students will earn nine or more hours of college credit. SMSD offers Advanced Placement (AP) courses, College Now options, and Project Lead the Way curriculum. Signature Programs and the International Baccalaureate Program include college credit. 

Students may also pursue college credit outside of the school schedule.