Early Childhood Education (Pre-K and Special Education Programs)
SMSD provides a variety of educational opportunities for our youngest learners, including preschool programs, Parents as Teachers, and Early Childhood Special Education.

Gifted Education
In the state of Kansas, Gifted Education is a sub-category of Special Education. While most students can have their academic needs met through enrichment and extensions from their general education teacher, some students show a need for a more individualized plan. More information about the identification process and gifted services can be found on the SMSD Gifted Education page.

SMSD Public Notices
There are additional regulations and guidelines relevant to students with disabilities that are not a part of special education regulations or processes.  This information (Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Section 504 Plans, Office of Civil Rights, etc.) can be found on the SMSD Public Notices and Section 504 Information pages.