Screenings and Referrals

Early Childhood Screenings - Ages 2.9 to 5
The Shawnee Mission School District offers a developmental screening that assesses vision, hearing, problem-solving, personal-social development, gross/fine motor skills, and speech/language skills.  The purpose of this screening is to identify children who may have substantial developmental delays and who may be eligible for special education services. 

To find out more information about this process, click on the following link: Early Childhood

Special Education Referrals - Ages 5 to 21
Students ages 5 to 21, including those who are highly mobile, migrant and/or homeless, are referred for special education evaluation by school personnel when a disability is suspected. Parents are notified and involved in the process when a concern first arises.  Parents may also request a special education evaluation. The need for special education and related services is determined in consultation with parents at each Shawnee Mission school building site following the completed evaluation process.

Parents are encouraged to contact their child's neighborhood school's principal or school psychologist with questions about special education services and the evaluation process.

Private School Students - Ages 5 to 21
Shawnee Mission follows state and federal processes for evaluation of students enrolled in private schools who may have exceptionalities and the provision of special education services to those students who are determined to be eligible.  Parents may also request an evaluation.  Any student who attends a private school within Shawnee Mission School District boundaries, no matter where they live, may be evaluated; however, Shawnee Mission will only provide services to students who are district residents. Out of district students will be referred to their home district for special education services.

Please contact the Special Education Department with questions about private and parochial services.