SMSD Gifted Program

The SMSD Gifted Program is known as SEEK- Students Exploring and Extending Knowledge

Thank you for your interest in gifted services. In the state of Kansas, Gifted Education is a sub-category of Special Education. Schools are required to analyze data from multiple sources before identifying a child as gifted. In Shawnee Mission, identifying a student's academic needs begins in the regular classroom.

While most high-ability students can have their academic needs met through enrichment and extensions from their general education teacher, some students show a need for a more individualized plan. Those students are formally evaluated for the gifted (SEEK) program through the Special Education department.  SEEK stands for Students Exploring and Extending Knowledge, and services are offered K-12.

Pawnee SEEK team wins Regional tournament!

The team from Pawnee SEEK center won 1st place at the Regional Odyssey of the Mind Creativity Tournament and are going to the finals in May! Quite an achievement for their first time entering the competition. Congratulations to teacher Brooke Tuley and students!!

Odyssey of the Mind is an international program that celebrates creativity and problem-solving at the highest levels! Teams from around the world select a challenge that best suits their skill set and passion and work toward solving this long-term problem over the course of many months. Our team chose the technical problem to design, build, and operate an Artificial Intelligence Tech-NO-Art device that determines if a work of art is beautiful or not. It had to dismantle a work of art that it decides is not beautiful to create a new work of art it believes is beautiful. The humorous performance also includes an artist character that stands up for their work of art, sound effects, and team-created artwork. In addition to the long-term problem, the team also prepared for a spontaneous challenge, which gets them thinking on their feet. 

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