PTA/Shawnee Mission Area Council PTA

Shawnee Mission parents are welcome and invited to join the Parent Teacher Association (PTA).  All of Shawnee Mission's schools have self-governing PTA units that partner with the national and state PTA. The PTA provides many ways to be involved and support numerous activities in schools.  For more information about joining, visit the individual school webpage or contact the school by phone.

In Shawnee Mission, the Shawnee Mission Area Council PTA (SMAC PTA) is a council of all units in the Shawnee Mission area. 

What is Area Council?
A council is a group of local PTA units organized under the authority of the state PTA for the purpose of conferences, leadership training and coordination of the efforts of such local PTA units.

SMAC PTA is a council of the 45 PTA units that serve the Shawnee Mission area in working for children and youth. SMAC was first organized with three units in October of 1922. 

What is the Function of a Council? 
The council has four major responsibilities: 
1. To strengthen the local units 
2. To develop leadership 
3. To promote membership 
4. To give service to the local school community by undertaking community projects

The council also helps units function competently by giving unit officers and chairs opportunities to:

  • Compare methods of work
  • Receive suggestions of procedure
  • Unite in common projects
  • Cooperate in improving the quality of life of children and youth

The council cannot legislate to the units. Each unit is autonomous and can do as it wishes within the framework of its own standing rules and within keeping of the Mission of the PTA.