Student Wears Coat

Inclement Weather Procedures
Weather conditions may make it necessary for the Shawnee Mission School District to close schools for the safety of students and staff. Announcements of this nature will be posted on the main page of the district website, as soon as the information becomes available. In addition, parents and students are advised to listen to local radio or television stations for a current news report.

No announcements will be made when schools are to remain open. 

When possible, the decision is made during the evening prior to the day of closing. If so, the information will be provided to the media for broadcast on the 10 p.m. television and radio newscasts.

If the decision is made after 10 p.m. on the night prior to the day of closing, the information will be provided to radio and television stations for morning newscasts. Occasionally, an early release of classes already in session may be necessary if it appears that weather conditions are becoming worse and may pose hazards to students' health and safety.

On days when school is closed due to inclement weather the Fitness Center will also be closed. ​

School closing information is available from many different sources:

Recess Information
Please make sure your children are dressed warm enough for recess each day. Below are common guidelines regarding recess.

There will be no outdoor recess when:

  • The temperature is 15 degrees or below.
  • The wind chill index is 0 degrees or below.
  • There is falling moisture.