Human Resources Team Contacts

Melissa Brumbaugh
Personnel Coordinator

Administrators, Coaches, Classified Exempt, Contract Coordinator

p (913) 993-6425
f (913) 993-6240

Nicole Churchill
Personnel Facilitator, KPERS Designated Agent Assistants, Facilitators and Secretaries,  KPERS Enrollment and Retirement, Mileage, Purchase Orders and Expense Reports,

p (913)993-6459
f (913)993-6240

Carol Castro 
Personnel Assistant, Work Comp Facilitator 
Certified-Secondary, Column Movement and Transcripts, Work Comp

p (913) 993-6417
f (913) 993-6389

Mary Hoelting
Personnel Assistant
Badges, Custodial, Classified Operations, Information Services, Operations and Maintenance, Substitute, Secretaries

p (913) 993-6486
f (913) 993-6240

Kim Workman
Personnel Assistant

Certified-Elementary, Certified Orientations, Licensure PDC

P (913) 993-6495
F (913) 993-6245

Priscilla Wile
Personnel Assistant
Aides-Clerical, Educational, ELL, Nurse and Pre-School, Food Service, Spanish Interpreters, Classified Orientations, Student Teachers, Recruiting 

P (913) 993-6277
F (913) 993-6240

Amy Hunt
HR Executive Secretary 
Classified Orientations, Certified-Special Education, Paraprofessionals

P (913) 993-6432
F (913) 993-6240

Amy Cotton
Personnel Assistant/Receptionist
Employment Verification
Verifications of Teaching Experience

p (913)993-6442
f (913)993-6240

Employee BenefitsDrew Staum 
Benefits Coordinator

p (913) 993-6354

Jennifer Lumley       
Benefits  Facilitator, FMLA

p (913) 993-6497
f (913) 993-6283

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