Throughout your career, you make contributions to KPERS. We invest the money and pay you interest. You also build retirement credits while you work. When you retire, KPERS pays you a guaranteed monthly benefit. You also have life insurance and disability benefits as part of KPERS while you are still working.

Your Contributions
You contribute mandatory 6% of your salary from each paycheck. It’s automatic and pretax. Your contributions earn a guaranteed 4% annual interest, paid quarterly. There is also a possibility for additional interest, depending on KPERS’ investment returns. You can withdraw your account balance if you leave employment, but you can’t take a loan from your account while you are still working.

After five years of service you are guaranteed a retirement benefit, even if you leave employment. This is called “vesting” your benefit.

KPERS has 3 Tiers that are based on when you became a member.  Each Tier's benefits vary. Please choose your tier below for a detailed description:

KPERS 1 hired prior to July 1, 2009

KPERS 2 hired July 1,2009 Dec 31, 2014

KPERS 3 hired Jan 1, 2015 and afterResignation-Retirement-LOA Form 



Service Purchase

You can increase your benefit, but it comes at a cost. Check with KPERS if it's right for you.

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What is Service Credit?

Service credits represent how long a member has worked. Employees automatically earn “participating” credit for the years they work in a KPERS-covered position. Purchasing additional service credit could help you vest your benefit faster, get more at retirement and possibly retire sooner.

Don't wait. Purchase costs are based on salary and age. Now is probably the most inexpensive time for you to buy.

How Does the Process Work?

  1. Contact KPERS or the SMSD KPERS Designated Agent, Nicole Churchill to see if your past service is eligible.
  2. Complete an Application to Purchase Service Credit: KPERS & KP&F 
  3. Your designated agent completes the employer part of the form and sends it to KPERS.
  4. KPERS calculates your cost and sends you a letter. At this point, you can consider the cost and benefits.
  5. To complete the purchase, sign the paperwork, arrange for payment and return both to KPERS.
  6. KPERS receives your payment or payroll deduction commitment. We must receive your complete payment on or before your last day on your employer's payroll.
  7. KPERS adds service credit to your record after the purchase is completed.


Federal Tax Requirements on Service Purchases

Only active members may purchase service. Federal law may limit you if you are purchasing service with after-tax money. This limit applies only to after-tax contributions.

  • Not on purchases with rollover or payroll deduction
  • Annual limit changes each year
  • Can cause a delay in completing a lump-sum after-tax purchase
  • Most likely to affect high-cost purchases (large number of years or member's age and salary)

KPERS Online  Account Access

Track your membership and plan for retirement:

  • Contributions and interest
  • Service credit
  • Membership date
  • Final average salary
  • Beneficiary designation
  • Annual statements

Leaving Employment
& Withdrawals

Moving to a non-KPERS role? Here are some things to consider before you start your new job.

male teacher in his 40s in a classroom with highschool students

When You Leave KPERS Before Retirement

If you're moving to an employer that doesn't offer KPERS benefits, you have some decisions to make.

Let's help you cross a few off your to-do list.

  • Are you vested?
  • Do you want to keep your life insurance?
  • Do we have your contact info?
  • Are you thinking about withdrawing?
  • Are you a correctional officer?

Are You Vested?

If your answer is yes, you're guaranteed a lifetime retirement benefit! So you probably don't want to withdraw. Vesting is different for different types of members. Remember, you vest with:

  • KPERS 1, KPERS 2, KPERS 3: 5 years of service
  • KP&F: 15 years for Tier II, 20 years for Tier I
  • Judges: Immediately

If You're Vested

You may choose to withdraw. But if you leave your money with KPERS, you're guaranteed a lifetime monthly benefit when you're eligible to retire. Your account will continue to earn interest.

If You're Not Vested

You'll need to withdraw your money within 5 years of ending employment. Your account earns interest for 5 years (2 years for KPERS 3 members).

There's a 31-day waiting period after you end employment before you can withdraw. When it's time, submit the withdrawal form and we'll send your refund within 4-6 weeks. The form tells you about your options on how to receive your money.



Online Webinars

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Download the slides or pre-retirement planning resources here.

District Retirement Processes




If you have any questions regarding continuing health benefits (COBRA vs Retiree Plans) please contact our Benefits Department. 

Retirement FAQs

Q: When can I retire?
A: Log into your KPERS Account look at your balance and use the calculator.

Q: How do I log into my KPERS Account?
A: Click here: KPERS Online  Account Access

Q: I want to retire what should I do?
A: Complete the Resignation-Retirement-LOA Form. Have it signed by your Administrator and send a copy to HR.
     This is the only document the district needs from you.

Q: I am a Certified Employee what date do I use for the last day to work?
A: You will use May 26th, 2023.

Q: I am a Certified Employee what date do I use for my KPERS Retirement Date?
A: Your KPERS Retirement Date is always on the 1st of the month in which you have not worked. June, July or August 1st.

Q: If I use June 1st for my KPERS retirement date will I still receive my District June, July and August checks?
A: Yes, You will receive District June, July and August checks on June 21st, 22nd  and 23rd, 2023

Q: When will my District Health Benefits end?
A: Your District Health Benefits end on August 31st. You paid for it out of your June, July and August checks.

Q: I have my KPERS Retirement Application complete, my proof of birth and proof of name change documents what do I do now?

A: Contact Nicole Churchill the KPERS Designated Agent for the District and set up an appointment.

I am a notary and can review, notarize, witness and send to KPERS via secured upload.  Once you have completed your forms and have the required documents for proof of birth and proof of name change, you may contact me to make an appointment and I can assist you with finalizing your KPERS Application.

Nicole Churchill
Shawnee Mission School District
Classified Personnel Facilitator
KPERS Designated Agent

P: 913/993-6459
F: 913/993-6240

KPERS Retirement Tips:

  • Your KPERS Retirement Date is always on  the 1st of the month.
  • You cannot physically work in the month that you retire.
  • On Page 19 Part E your signature needs to be notarized.
  • On Page 19, Part F If you check married, your spouse must sign under Part F and have their signature notarized.
  • You will complete and sign on pages 7,9,13,19 and 21. (page 14 & 15 may be required if choose the PLSO)
  • You must submit your KPERS Retirement application via fax or mail, no later than 30 days prior to your retirement date. Do not e-mail for security purposes.

Financial Planning
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Financial Advisor | Kansas City District 
AIG Retirement Services
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Medicare Options
Medicare Advantage-Medicare Supplement-Prescription Drug Plans 
Martha Hausback Independent Agent

Social Security Benefits
Confirm your Social Security benefits. Get accurate information about Social Security applications and benefits by calling the Social Security Administration’s toll-free number, 1-800-772-1213 or contacting your local SSA office.

Helpful Forms
Resignation-Retirement-LOA Form 
KPERS Retirement Application KPERS Tier 1 & 2
Beneficiary Change Form

KPERS Retirement Application KPERS Tier 3
KPERS Tier 3 Retirement Options