Throughout your career, you make contributions to KPERS. We invest the money and pay you interest. You also build retirement credits while you work. When you retire, KPERS pays you a guaranteed monthly benefit. You also have life insurance and disability benefits as part of KPERS while you are still working.

Your Contributions
You contribute mandatory 6% of your salary from each paycheck. It’s automatic and pretax. Your contributions earn a guaranteed 4% annual interest, paid quarterly. There is also a possibility for additional interest, depending on KPERS’ investment returns. You can withdraw your account balance if you leave employment, but you can’t take a loan from your account while you are still working.

After five years of service you are guaranteed a retirement benefit, even if you leave employment. This is called “vesting” your benefit.

KPERS has 3 Tiers that are based on when you became a member.  Each Tier's benefits vary. Please choose your tier below for a detailed description:

KPERS 1 hired prior to July 1, 2009

KPERS 2 hired July 1,2009 Dec 31, 2014

KPERS 3 hired Jan 1, 2015 and after


KPERS Online  Account Access

Track your membership and plan for retirement:

  • Contributions and interest
  • Service credit
  • Membership date
  • Final average salary
  • Beneficiary designation
  • Annual statements

Leaving KPERS Employment

  • You have 60 days to submit your life insurance form.
  • If you’re vested, you’re guaranteed a retirement benefit.
  • If you’re not vested, you need to withdraw within five years.
  • You can withdraw after 31 days.
  • If you withdraw, a direct rollover is the best way to avoid federal taxes and penalties.
  • We don’t have your contact information. Please complete and return the address form. You can also update your address in your online account or email

District Retirement Processes

While the district is not hosting an in-person KPERS Retirement Seminar for 2021 you will have access to all of the same resources.RETIREMENT TIMELINE




KPERS Retirement Tips:

  • Your KPERS Retirement Date is always on  the 1st of the month.
  • You cannot physically work in the month that you retire.
  • On Page 13, Part D your signature needs to be notarized.
  • On Page 13, Part D If you check married, your spouse must sign under Part E and have their signature notarized.
  • You will complete and sign on pages 15, 17 & 19.
  • You must submit your KPERS Retirement application via fax or mail, no later than 30 days prior to your retirement date. Do not e-mail for security purposes.

I am a notary and can review, notarize, witness and send to KPERS via secured upload.  Once you have completed your forms and have the required documents for proof of birth and proof of name change, you may contact me to make an appointment and I can assist you with finalizing your KPERS Application.

Nicole Churchill
Shawnee Mission School District
Classified Personnel Facilitator
KPERS Designated Agent

P: 913/993-6459
F: 913/993-6240


Medicare Options
Medicare Advantage-Medicare Supplement-Prescription Drug Plans           
Martha Hausback Independent Agent

Social Security Benefits
Confirm your Social Security benefits. Get accurate information about Social Security applications and benefits by calling the Social Security Administration’s toll-free number, 1-800-772-1213 or contacting your local SSA office.

Helpful Forms

Resignation-Retirement-LOA Form 
KPERS Retirement Application
Beneficiary Change Form