2020 Childcare and Learning Support

Learning Support/Care Options for Children of Shawnee Mission School District Employees enrolled in Shawnee Mission School District, Grades PreK-6

In partnership with YMCA of Greater KC (YMCA) and Johnson County Parks and Recreation (JCPRD), the Shawnee Mission School District (SMSD) has developed childcare options to support the care and learning of the children of Shawnee Mission School District employees. Recognizing the challenges facing our Shawnee Mission School District employees with school age children to be able to focus on their professional roles while also meeting the learning support/care needs of their own school age children, the school district collaborated with YMCA and JCPRD to develop a plan to be piloted during the first semester of the 2020-2021 school year. The goal of providing quality care options for the children of SMSD employees, grades pre-k-6 enrolled in SMSD elementary schools, in the most cost-effective manner possible is reflected in the plan below.

Hybrid Learning Model:
Includes 3 full days (7 a.m.- 6 p.m.) + 2 days before and after school care
K-6 $75

Includes 3 full days (7 a.m. – 6 p.m.) + 2 days before care, ó day enrichment care, and after school care
Pre-K $95

Remote Learning Model:
Includes 5 full days (7 a.m.- 6 p.m.)
Pre-K-6 $125

Note: A minimum of 8 students of SMSD employees must be enrolled for the during the day care/learning support at a site to operate. Site/class size maximums will be determined by the district and JCPRD based on available space and social distancing guidelines. In instances where minimum enrollment requirements are not met, low-enrollment care for staff sites will be consolidated to meet enrollment threshold.

Sibling/multiple child discounts offered, and YMCA registration fees waived for SMSD employees.

Onsite Learning Model:
Standard published school year rates for before/after care and Pre-K enrichment
Before and after care, as well as Pre-K wraparound care for children during onsite attendance will continue to be offered to families in the SMSD community who are not employees. Fees for those programs will be the standard fees published by JCPRD and YMCA.

In the spirit of collaboration and partnership, and in order to support the provision of these care program models, each entity will comply with the following agreements:

JCPRD and YMCA will:
Care Providers will provide programming and support students with remote programming and independent studies Monday through Friday of each week including a before and after school program, and for Pre-K students a robust Pre-K enrichment (half-day) program. Care providers will follow all health and safety protocols required to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 including sanitation protocols, all staff and students wearing masks at all times inside the building and outside when social distancing is not possible, social distancing, hand washing hygiene, limiting intermingling of classroom groups, maintaining cohort-style enrollment groups to the extent possible to support local health department regulations, and establish safe drop off/pick up screening and procedures in accordance with health department and district guidelines. JCPRD and YMCA will ensure that program staff qualifications and requirements are fully compliant with Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) licensing regulations, and all staff will meet or exceed regulatory minimums. Both organizations will provide the necessary professional learning requirements for their staff for training and program delivery purposes.

Shawnee Mission School District will:
The Shawnee Mission School District will agree to waive facility use fees for childcare purposes in the school in an effort to support the reduced fees for childcare offering for staff and for families qualifying for economic support (as indicated by lunch support qualifiers). Facility use fees at all school locations will be waived for the first semester (from Sept. 8, 2020 through Jan. 25, 2021) during the pilot phase for the staff learning support/care program. All parties will evaluate the program in Nov./Dec. 2020 to determine needs and how to proceed for second semester. The school district agrees to provide locations within the schools for the during the day learning support along with desks, chairs, or tables that may be needed for students in those spaces. Locations typically used for before and after care at each school will be available for the before/after care (i.e. cafeteria, gym). Schools will include the learning support/care program in their building playground schedule to allow for the necessary outdoor recess time. School meals will be available to students participating in the learning support/care program (via family-paid school-issued meal plans). JCPRD and YMCA will have access to information/communication from schools/teachers to be able to support children in the remote/hybrid phases as families would at home.

The provision of care for our Shawnee Mission School District students who are children of our employees is essential to supporting their ability as working parents to focus on their work serving the children of the Shawnee Mission community while ensuring their children are cared for and supported. We appreciate the commitment and partnership of JCPRD and YMCA in this effort to bridge the gap for these families while continuing to offer before/after care options for community families when students are attending school onsite. The program will be evaluated in Nov./Dec. 2020 to determine needs and how to proceed for second semester.

Enrollment commitment was due on August 14.