Health Plans

***2019 Medical Plan Rates***

Health Care Needs
The Shawnee Mission School District offers five health care options through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City (BCBSKC) for eligible employees, spouses, and dependent children.  Eligible dependent children can be covered through the end of the calendar year of their 26th birthday. 

The Blue Saver is a high deductible health plan in association with a Health Savings Account (HSA).  Blue Saver utilizes the same network facilities, doctors, and hospitals as the traditional Preferred Provider Option (PPO) plan. Covered members can go in or out of network anywhere in the United States of America.  Remember this is a qualified high deductible health plan with out-of-pocket expenses; however, routine preventive care services are covered 100 percent in-network.  Plan deductibles and coinsurance apply to this health plan.  Refer to the Blue Saver Plan Summary below for detailed information.   
The Blue Care health care option is a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), in which the employee, spouse, and dependent children must select a primary care physician and utilize exclusive Blue Care network facilities, doctors, and hospitals in the Greater Kansas City area.  This health plan does not allow out-of-network coverage.  No deductibles or coinsurance apply to this health plan.  Refer to the Blue Care Plan Summary link below for detailed information.  All Primary Care Physician (PCP) changes must be handled by Blue Cross Blue Shield Customer Service (816) 395-2270. Remember to ask when the new PCP takes effect to avoid denied claims.
Preferred Care Blue is a Preferred Provider Option (PPO). With this option, employees, spouses, and dependent children can choose physicians who are BCBSKC participating providers or providers who do not participate with BCBSKC.  Covered members can go in or out of network anywhere in the United States.  Plan deductibles and coinsurance apply to this health plan.  Refer to the Preferred Care Blue Plan Summary link below for detailed information. 
The two Blue Select Plus plans were new to Shawnee Mission in January 2017.  One is a PPO plan that will work similarly to our Preferred Care Blue plan.  The other one is a high deductible health plan similar to the Blue Saver.  What's the difference?  Both of these plans feature a new limited network.  This network change allows for significant savings.  These plans are best for those that live in the metropolitan Kansas City area.     
Detailed information on the health plans is available in the Shawnee Mission School District Benefits Office, by visiting the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City web address, or by contacting BCBSKC customer service at (816) 395-2270.