COVID-19 Staff Wellbeing Resources

COVID-19 Information:

Mental Health Resources:

  • Self-talk Tip Sheet
  • The Mindfulness Experience: Registration for The Mindfulness Experience is open. Program begins April 27th. The Mindfulness Experience is free of charge and available to all SMSD employees. This resource provides participants with tools to support the wellbeing of the individual. Participants engage in activities designed to increase awareness of how being more mindful can help to cultivate contentment, calmness and clarity. Learn more here. To register:
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP): Your EAP benefit through New Directions Behavioral Health is free of charge to all employees and their family members. The EAP benefit offers free counseling sessions (at this time, counseling sessions are telephonic, video or via text messaging), financial and legal services. Their website also hosts a wide array of resources. See below for flyers with more details of services offered.
  • Mindfulness apps: Looking for assistance with self care? Some developers are making the premium version of their apps FREE to teachers and other school staff.

Fitness & Nutrition:

  • Naturally Slim ProgramThis program could help you reach your weight loss goals, break old habits, relieve stress & anxiety, and build your immunity! Click HERE for all the details.


  • Down Dog:  Exercise apps for Yoga, Yoga for Beginners, HIIT, Barre, 7-min Workouts, & Prenatal Yoga. Free until January 1st, 2021 for all students and teachers!
    • To claim your free membership go to (can also download the smartphone apps) and sign up using your email address. Use the same sign-in for all of the apps- phone or web!


  • Fit Tip Videos: featuring your SMSD Fitness Center ladies!

- Modifications for Common Exercises

- Importance of Stretching

- At-home Resistance Training Alternatives

- The rest of the library HERE

           - We have created playlists for different types of workouts and saved our favorite videos!

General Wellbeing:

This resource helps you and/or your family create a health-conscious routine that keeps you active, eating healthy, managing stress & sleep, and entertaining your household.



Sharing Meals while Social Distancing Cookbook! 

Click HERE to check out the cookbook created from recipes you all shared! We are ALWAYS accepting more recipes.

Find what produce is in-season in your area before you plan your meals! Click Here.

Stay Connected with SMSD Wellbeing

  • Private Facebook group: How to join: search "SMSD Wellbeing: At-home!" and request to join. You will be asked to answer a question (what building you work in). This group is private, so anything you comment, post, like, etc. will only be seen by members of the group and is not posted to your personal Facebook page. Please read the group description and guidelines after being accepted.

Tip Sheets

4 Tips for Adjusting to Work from Home    

Tips for Staying Active While Working From Home

Enhancing Emotional Health While Social Distancing   

Remote Work with Children: Best Practices and Resources for Parents

How to Keep Teams Thriving While Working Remotely