Workers Compensation

The Shawnee Mission School District places priority of workplace safety and personal wellness. The Workers Compensation Packet is designed to assist you in obtaining appropriate treatment for workplace injury. Please review this information carefully and follow each step as prescribed. Your assistance is greatly appreciated and will result in a more complete and effective process for all involved.

New Health Center - PriorityOne Health Center is now open and should be the first choice for addressing non-life threatening injuries. Please see the enclosed page, PROCEDURES FOR TREATING WORK INJURIES, for additional information on the PriorityOne Health Center, as well as other, treatment specific, clinic options.

It is important to note that no provider will treat your injury without the proper completed and signed authorization form. These forms are available at each work site and must be signed by your supervisor, nurse or building administrator. Please be sure to take the signed authorization form to the clinic in order to receive treatment.

All injuries require you to complete an on-line incident report no later than TWO days after your injury. Your school nurse or secretary will need to complete this report.

There are additional instructions in the packet

Your injury will be reported to the State of Kansas. State law requires that you be adequately informed of your rights; therefore, you will receive communications from the Department of Labor, Division of Workers Compensation.

Feel free to contact our office at (913) 993-6497 if you have questions or concerns.

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