Boundary Process - Briarwood / Tomahawk 2022

Shawnee Mission Schools

Briarwood/Tomahawk Boundary Process

Spring/Fall 2022

The Shawnee Mission Board of Education is responsible for determining enrollment boundaries for each school in the district.  A number of different factors are used to determine boundaries, including but not limited to building capacity and utilization, demographic studies, enrollment balance, the needs of students, and the District Strategic Plan.  Boundary decisions are governed by Board of Education Policy AD:

Policy AD
The board shall review school attendance areas as needed and make changes as warranted.

The superintendent shall, as needed, prepare a written report for the board concerning changes recommended for school attendance areas for the next school year and the reasons for the recommendations.  The board shall consider the recommendations following receipt of the report.  The recommended changes shall be made available to the district patrons.  The board may schedule a public hearing to seek input on the proposed changes.

Guiding Principles of Boundary Changes

  1. Fiscal responsibility
    The district is supported by local and state tax revenue, and has a fiscal duty to spend resources in a fiscally responsible way.
  2. Enrollment balance including exposure to diverse cultures
    Supporting neighborhood schools is a priority
    The district aims for a maximum capacity range of 525 - 575, in order to best facilitate learning
  3. Long term solutions
    The Board desires and constituents have indicated a preference for a long-range outlook when making boundary decisions, to minimize the number of changes a student/family will experience.
  4. Recognize and consider all students' academic, safety, social and emotional needs.
    Supporting the district's strategic plan, the boundary work group will consider students' academic and other needs, including serving students with diverse backgrounds, strengths and challenges.

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