Shawnee Mission Parents  as Teachers is committed to providing family support and education to Shawnee Mission families through the early years of your child's life! 

Investments in early childhood pay high dividends in terms of children's readiness to succeed in school and in life.

  • Parents as Teachers Opportunity

Are you wondering if your child's development is on track?  PAT has a screening opportunity for your family. The following are the screenings requirements:

  • 2nd Wednesday of the month
  • Between 9:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m.
  • Broadmoor Technical Center, 6701 W. 83rd Street, O.P. KS  66204
  • Call for an appointment; 913-993-9380 or email for appointment at
  • Call at least a week in advance to receive preliminary paperwork for your child's screening
  • Come and play in our play center while you wait for your child screening to start

You and your child may meet with a parent educator to go over the following areas:

  • Milestones
  • Ages & Stages Developmental Questionnaire
  • OAE (hearing screening) 

See attached flyer for more details (click here)

PAT Home Visit Screening

During regular home visits or upon parent request, children are screened for hearing, vision, language, dental, nutrition, motor, intellectual, and social development.  These screenings help parent's identify potential concerns before they become an obstacle to a child's development.  In some cases, families may be referred to resources for additional screenings and/or services.

ASQ-3 (Ages and Stages Questionnaire)

Parents as Teachers offer developmental screenings for children 0 - 3 years of age.  The ASQ-3 screenings are available from 4 to 36 months where developmental concerns might be present.  This ASQ-3 relies on parents knowledge of their child's skills, it is easy to administer, family-friendly, and highlights any strengths or concerns parents may have about their child.

You are your child's first and most influential teachers.  Take this opportunity to learn more about your child's gross motor, fine motor, problem-solving, and personal-social skills. 


Many optometrists in Kansas offer free eye exam for infants 6 to 12 months of age.  To find a doctor near you, go to the InfantSEE web site.  Vision disorders are one of the most common handicapping conditions for children.  Make a difference now by having your child's vision checked.  Their future depends on it!


Parents as Teacher's offers hearing screenings.  An otoacoustical emissions (OAE) screening is painless, quick, and efficient to administer.  

How does it work?

  • A small foam tip is placed in your child's ear
  • The procedure requires no behavior response from the child
  • The probe measures the low-intensity sounds that the cochlea produces in response to stimulus sounds which measures how well the inner ear is working

If you feel your child may have fluid in the ear or repeated ear infections, please bring your child to our monthly screenings process. 

We offer free screenings to children enrolled in PAT on the second Wednesday of each month between 10  a.m. to noon. 

For an appointment, please call our offices at 913-993-9380.

PAT Play Center Offers Many Resources

Parents as Teachers Home Visit Screening